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Three Year Olds in Jacksonville FL

At Deerwood Academy, we love seeing our children grow and develop.

In our Jacksonville three-year-old classroom, we provide activities and play that help children expand their knowledge and skills to better prepare for school and life. But, we also encourage them to be children and have fun at the appropriate times.

Little Girl in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Child Care for Three Year Olds

Three year olds are highly observant of everything that happens around them. They enjoy being stimulated and challenged to learn new things. Our Jacksonville classroom for three year olds includes all the elements needed to encourage every type of development at this age. In our bright and colorful classroom environment, we foster a love of learning. When your child is happy and excited to go to school each morning, it makes everyone's day better!

Emphasizing What Your Three Year Old in Jacksonville Needs

At this age it is important to get the children ready for the skills they will need in school, including reading and math. Using proven techniques, we help children to recognize letters and numbers and begin writing them. They also begin learning how to use computers with educational programs, as they live in a digital world and will use computers throughout their academic careers. Our A Beka curriculum is a program that was developed in early childhood education situations to help children prepare for academic success.

We Encourage an Active Lifestyle in Our Jacksonville Pre K Programs

Though our three-year-olds focus on learning and school readiness, we also make sure they have time to play and just be kids. The children go outside twice a day to our outdoor play environment and enjoy some fresh air and self-directed play. We believe it is important to start including outdoor, active time in the child's day early on. This helps him or her understand the importance of getting exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. The best way to combat obesity later in life is to start with good habits at an early age.

Call us today at (904) 807-9550 to find out more about our Jacksonville Pre K programs. We provide care for families in Jacksonville, Deerwood, Mandarin, Southside, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach, Nocatee, and San Marco.

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